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Infrared Thermography

Vibration Analysis to detect and prevent mechanical problems and failures resulting in lower maintenance time and costs while increasing production.

About Us

 We specialize in predictive/preventive maintenance services to help your maintenance program run as efficiently and as cost effective as possible.


Tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year can be saved by greatly reducing unexpected mechanical breakdowns resulting in costly production downtime.




Predictive Technology


              PTI is a leading provider of vibration analysis and other predictive maintenance services.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) helps to evaluate the condition of equipment through periodic equipment monitoring.
It's called "predictive maintenance" because by trending the current condition of the equipment, the future condition can be predicted long before vibration, heat, and noise increase signaling an obvious problem. This approach helps to determine at what point in the future maintenance activities will be appropriate - before an emergency arises.

Most PdM inspections are performed while equipment is in service, thereby minimizing the need for a shut down. Predictive maintenance can result in substantial cost savings and higher system reliability. Inspections can be performed using vibration analysis, thermal imaging, or a combination of both.

"Acceptance Testing" or recording baseline data when equipment is new will identify early machinery faults. When followed by a properly scheduled vibration based Predictive Maintenance Program, the condition of your machinery will always be known.

Trending your equipment will identify when a machine starts to enter the point in its life when failure is more likely to occur.


Unplanned downtime of equipment costs industry millions of dollars in process and service interruptions each day.

Keeping your operations running safely and efficiently is more critical than ever in today's economic and competitive environment. In a world measured by Key Performance Indicators (KPI), a  maintenance  strategy using predictive technologies can be the key to extending equipment life, reducing maintenance costs. When the failure of a machine halts production, the results can be catastrophic. Vibration analysis can identify potential operating problems and prepare recommendations - usually without requiring any downtime. With preventive vibration analysis your company can schedule and perform the needed maintenance so you can avoid the majority of equipment failure during production. 

In House Training

The beauty of in-house training is that it can be scheduled to fit in with your business. We regularly set aside time for training, but we can reschedule at short notice. Consistency is a key to good training too and in-house delivery helps with that.We also evaluate our in-house training and adapting it as necessary.


Non-Destructive Evaluation/Testing - NDE/NDT

The process of nondestructive testing determines the existence of flaws, discontinuities, leaks, contamination, thermal anomalies, or imperfections in materials, components or assemblies without impairing the integrity or function of the inspected component.